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  ◆Adopt the most advanced RO (Reverse Osmosis)film treatment technology to get rid of any hazardous substances
◆Avoid secondary pollution
◆Touch type buttons,piano-key-like taps
◆Healthy water is made by yourself and drinkable at once
◆Filtrated through many layers,every drop is pure
◆Materials equal to the quality of imported food,green and healthy
◆professional indusrial design,fashionable and beautiful

Technical parameter
Rated voltage/frequency: 200V/50Hz
Heating power/refrigeration power: 550W/*150W
Capacity of producing hot water: ≥90℃ 5L/h
Capacity of producing cold water: ≤10℃ 2L/h
Type of anti-electric-shock protection: 1
Temperature range: 10℃-38℃

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