Range -1999 to 1999mV
Resolution 1mV
Accuracy ±5 mV
Batteries 4 x 1.5V alkaline
Environment RH 95% max;
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Dimensions 172x32x17 mm
Weight 70 g

Remove the protective cap. Do not be alarmed if white crystals appear around the cap.
This is normal with ORP electrodes and they dissolve when rinsed with water.
Turn the tester ON by pressing the ‘ON/OFF’ button.
Immerse into solution up to the max immersion level.
Stir gently and wait until the display stabilizes,press the “hold” button to view the reading out of the water.
After use, Turn the tester off ?by pressing the ‘ON/OFF’ button, use the water clean the electrode and replace the protective cap.
Auto off : After about four minutes, will automatically shut down LCD backlight

when the battery symbol 1 appears on the display, this indicates a low battery and only 1 hour of continuous use remain. though the unit may continue to function ,the accuracy of the unit will be affected beyond the 1 hour。replace all four batteries according to polarity.
Installing battery cap:
The unit is shipped with the battery cap open, close the battery cap by pressing cap on table top till the latch “click” for a secure lock.
How to open battery cap:
1 Use a mini screwdriver to lift latch till it pops up. Do not pull latch out completely.
2 use the thumb to push cap forward as shown. Turn over to the front and pull cap out completely.


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