Internationally leading design evidently reveals modern and classics.
Internationally famous design master throws all his energy in contribution and modern fashion trend embody everywhere.
  Humanized push buttons shows boundless care.
Humanized push buttons have most comfortable hand feeling. Kid security lock expresses the utmost solicitude.
  Brand new science and technology with more energy saving.
Latest cooling technology has an energy consumption 20% lower than the competitors.
  Disassembled design with compact volume.
The novel disassembled design makes unit into variable shape to meet different demand and the container shipment could be increased by 30%.
  ◆Powerful refrigeration by name brand compressors
◆Superlarge-scale sterilizing cabinet
◆Unique anti-furring technology to ensure water quality
◆Unique magnetization function for health care
◆Unique water-softening technology to prevent crystal from sedimentation.
◆Touch type function button,curve type tap
◆Materail quality equal to imported food,very clean
◆Stainless material,graceful and elegant
◆Materail quality equal to imported food,very clean
Superlarge display
Technical parameter

Rated voltage/frequency: 220/110v/50Hz/60Hz
Heating power/refrigeration power: 550W/90W
Capacity of producting hot water: ≥90℃ 5L/h
Capacity of producting cold water: ≤10℃ 2L/h
Type of anti-electric-shock protection: Ⅰ
Temperature range: 10℃-38℃
Package Meas.(cm): 37.5×36×102.5cm

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